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Go Homemade December 13, 2007

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Great gifts come in small packages, and some come homemade made with a little care and a lot of heart like those found on Etsy.

I came across Etsy while scouring the net for baby leg warmers and found Crawler Covers, a product I love, made by a work-at-home mom with your kids in mind. I went back to order more and came across a great gifts for every member of your family and beyond. It may be cutting it close for holiday gifts but definetly keep these in mind for other occasions.

Whether you are looking for Christmas, Birthdays, or baby showers (I have one coming up, my sister is due in may), they really have a great selection of items.

Here are some of my favorite:

Hand Crafted Sock Creations. From Kitties, Puppies to an entire Multicultural Family (my favorite), Hand Crafted Sock Creations pretty much covers the bases.

Mini Toes. These soft leather shoes give Robeez a run for their money. I love the fact you can order custom shoes with your little ones name or initials.

RazzBeryy Pie. I love the plush toy sets fond on Razzberry Pie (I also love the name). You can find everything from a Tea Set and Noahs Ark to a Tool set, which I am thinking about purchasing for my son, so he has nothing to bop his sister in the head with, though I am sure he will find something.

CherylaSmith . She makes plush toys good enough to eat and adorable enough to play with for hours. She makes adorable finger puppets, but my favorite are the cupcakes. After the holidays, I’ll be ordering my daughter some of the cupcakes, that is if I don’t eat them first.

How can you resist?

Don’t forget about Crawler Covers! I ordered these for my daughter and can’t get enough of them! They are soft, a great price and tons of adorable designs to choose from. I’ll be ordering more after the holidays!

Bekah knits. I love these baby booties and will definelty be ordering some for my sister’s baby shower. These booties are completely scrumptious and come in adorable packaging. Made especially for newborns, I’m just mad I found out about them about after my daughter became to big to fit them (maybe I’ll have to wait for baby #3, that is if I have baby #3, according to my husband we are having 4, but that’s another story for another time).

These are a few of the many adorable items for sale on Etsy. I haven’t ordered all these items, but these are some of the items I think are definetly worth checking out.

Look how cute they are!

How could you possible go wrong?


One Response to “Go Homemade”

  1. Baby Chloe Says:

    As an Etsy member, I can attest to the fact that there is a lot of talent there and I hope people will be encouraged to check it out.

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