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George and Thomas the boy December 11, 2007

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This weekend we went to my sister-in-law, Kris’s house and celebrated her husband, Tom’s birthday, he turned the big 3-0.

My son George is completely smitten with their son (his cousin), Thomas. Besides the fact that Thomas is George’s age, Thomas loves everything George loves: trains, cars, and running endless circles around Kris’s kitchen. And George loves that fact that there is Thomas the train and Thomas the boy.

So, after hours of George running circles with Thomas and the other kids, playing trains, and having screaming matches (who could yell louder), unfortunately, it was time to go.

George decided it was time to give Thomas a hug.

But Thomas runs and George says, “He’s shy”.

This proceeds another 5 minutes of George chasing Thomas to give him a hug and Thomas running away and laughing.

As George decides maybe this isn’t going to happen and is about to walk out the door, Thomas comes to the bottom of the steps whining and looking sad.

“What’s wrong Thomas?”, I ask.

“I want a hug”.

George’s opportunity opens, and he runs to Thomas with a big smile.

The two boys smile, hug and fall to the floor, hugging and laughing.

I could just cry.

I hope George and Thomas will not only be cousins, but good friends.

Where is my camera?

I know if I run and get it the moment will be over, you never catch ones like these on camera.

It is moments like these that make seeing your kids grow worth living for.

It is moments like these that make all those “other” moments (tantrums, time-outs, and everything in between) worth every single second.


One Response to “George and Thomas the boy”

  1. Mom of Thomas the Boy Says:

    This story is at the top of my list of favorite memories….So adorable.

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