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For the husband who needs nothing December 11, 2007

Filed under: gift ideas,motherhood — swimmom @ 9:15 pm

I once read a survey that claimed the hardest person to buy a gift for was your husband and coming in at a close second was your mother-in-law.

Could that not be more true?

Luckily, the gift for my mother-in-law was taken care of by my sister-in-law (otherwise, my husband has no idea what to get his mom).

Oops…he just looked over my shoulder and wants everyone to know, no, he’s not clueless.

But now that he is gone…. he is very hard to buy a gift for.

When I ask my husband what he wants, big mistake, he says one of 2 answers, “nothing” or “buy yourself something”. The latter answer would be great if that was my motive, but if pleasing my husband this holiday season was the real motive, that answer ain’t gonna work.

And it is double hard because, he is not a Techie, he doesn’t play video games (I bought him play station 2 last year, I think he played it 2 times), he doesn’t like clothes (he is happy with sweats, he is a nurse and wears scrubs), he loves sports (watching it on TV), and he loves cars (unless we can all fit in a little model car, my bow and my pocket are too small for a real one).

Well, I found a gift for my husband this year which I am hoping he will enjoy, not that I bought it for him, but if I was going to get him a gift of this nature, this is what it would be (do you think he has a clue? probably not).

I have noticed that since we have had kids, he loves showing off pictures of his family to friends and coworkers.

Red Envelope as the perfect gift idea.

Small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to see a nice picture (not that I have it hidden in my house), the digital key chain.

It holds up to 60 pictures and is available literally at the tip of your fingers.

Now, my husband will be able to show off pictures of his family to anyone, at anytime, anywhere (that is, if I bought him this gift).


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