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Monkeys, Kitties and Doggies…Oh My! December 7, 2007

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I know I talked about their adorable hats before but Bla Bla kids also has great dolls for kids.

I wanted a doll for my 10 month old daughter that she could have for a while, because of her age it also had to be soft and well-made. My sister, checked out their website, and ordered their 18″ Coco doll my daughter Sophia for Christmas.

She received it in the mail yesterday and she was impressed with their quality and softness ( a big deal for a baby, or any kid). I love how they have dolls of with a bunch of characteristics.

If you don’t want a Girl doll, they also have Monkeys, Kitties, Doggies, Fairy Tale and Garden dolls (all just as sweet and adorable).

I was thinking of getting the Monkey doll for my son.

Check out their website they have a great selection of unique, adorable gifts for your little one, ranging not only from the hats and the dolls, but finger puppets, back packs, and rattles (just to name a few).

Bla Bla Kids seems like a company built on great ideals and ethics.

Besides how could you not resist their motto, “happiness fits in the palm of the hand”.

That’s enough to put a smile to my face.


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