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Gifts that keep giving December 6, 2007

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With the Christmas here before your kids can knock down the Christmas tree (maybe not), wouldn’t it be nice to give (or receive) a gift that keeps on giving. Here are 10 gifts you could give to any kid or parent that will give all year round.

1. Membership to a play center, zoo, or museum. (most of these cost under $100 for the year)

2. Subscription to a kids magazine. (I just ordered Nick Jr. and Wild Animal Baby, by National Wildlife Federation. They have great magazines for kids. Family Fun magazine has great ideas for things to do as a family.)

3. Gift Certificates. Instead of a membership, you can always get gift certificates to play centers, zoo and museums to be redeemed at a later date.
4. Board Games. Board games give the continual gift of interaction, spending time together and if you give a good one, laughter. As a kid, some of my family’s favorites were Trouble and Sorry (my mom always cheated).

5. Great bedtime books. Like board games, books also allow you to spend time and interact with that little ones creating lasting memories. The Duck in the Truck is my son’s favorite (I know it by heart).

6. The Gift of Music. Give a little culture with gift certificates or tickets to the children’s orchestra or symphony in your area.

7. Family Care Package.Get creative and create your own gift basket for your kids, neighbors or friends. Create an outdoor fun theme with balls, and games geared towards spending time outdoors. Or maybe family movie night, a basket filled with popcorn, slippers, a blanket, movies or gift certificates to your local video rental store.

8. Subscription to a Gift Club. This is always a neat gift and you can pick the amount of time you want to subscribe, from monthly, 3 months or up to 12 months (for the high rollers). Got Fruit has a great monthly fruit club, for cookies check out David’s Cookies or Amazing Clubs has many choices from pasta club, wine club (for the parents, obviously) or a, get this, Teddy Bear Club (Most of these clubs run under $100 for 3 months)

9. Gift of Homemade Dinners. Make your own gift club. For 3 months on, any date that you pick you will deliver a homemade dinner to your friend or family members door. (How easy is it to whip up a tray of healthy Lasagna? or bake chicken and fresh veggies?). This would be a great gift for a new mom, a mom of multiples, or maybe grandparents.

10. The best gifts are never the ones that come from the wallet, give the gift of time. Make a coupon voucher book with coupons to watch the kids so the parents can get a date night a couple times a year, or coupons to watch the kids while mom runs errands or has some free time. (who wouldn’t love that)


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