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Need a Break? December 4, 2007

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I love the show Jon & Kate plus 8. TLC had a marathon on Sunday and since it was a snowy, rainy day I watched it on and off while playing trains and doing Melissa and Doug puzzles over and over again with George. I love watching Jon & Kate, they have a great family dynamic, but selfishly, when I watch that show, I realize the chaos I experience with just 2 kids is nothing!

Anyway, her husband had this great t-shirt on, “Daddy needs a time out”, which made me laugh.

I thought it would be perfect for my husband. (What daddy doesn’t need a break for on reason or another! They also sell ones for mommy! Not that we need one!)

Anyway, the website that sells it Time Out Spot has a great idea.

The Time Out Rug

which I think is completely perfect (the website comes complete with Time Out instructions). I don’t know about you but my son doesn’t sit in a chair for 30 seconds, let alone 2 minutes for a time-out. The creator of the website seemed to have the same problem with her kids, hence the Time Out Spot. I brought up that idea to my husband and he doesn’t think that fact that it’s not a chair would matter, but we’ll see!

I also came across this product on ABC mommy, a bib with sleeves.

I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter, Sophia, is messier than my son was as a baby. When she eats, it is all over the place. She crushes the food with her fingers as she stuffs it in her mouth and gets food in all her crevasses. It’s pretty funny! My husband swears she just needs to wear a trash bag with a hole for her head. I stopped putting bibs on her because she just rips them off. So I let her make the mess and change her afterwards.

Besides, how much bib, is too much bib?


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