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Gift of Sanity December 4, 2007

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Not that you can ever get your sanity back (especially when you have kids). But I think one of the best things you can do for a mom with little ones at home (no matter how many), is to offer to watch the kids for one hour or so, whatever amount of time, whenever you can spare it.

My good friend Peggy ( a mother of 4 boys) did this for me. She called and offered to watch Sophia once a week after I drop George off at preschool. Last night when she called, I was thinking, but I don’t have anything to do, and she said, “Just trust me. Go do something for your self, anything you want”.

This morning when she came by I was still convinced that I didn’t have anything to do and would be watching the clock for an hour.

But is was amazing, the minute I walked out of the door, I loved it. I went to the mall, and walked around. I explored two new stores that have opened up that I just hadn’t gotten a chance to go see. I went to Babies-R-Us and waited in line, with no worry.

There was not stroller to push, no one to keep occupied and no are-we-done yets, I’m hungry and can we go home.

It was nice. I didn’t do anything groundbreaking. I run errands or go out on days my husband is home while he watches the kids ,without question and encouragement (on his part, for me to go out), but this was different in so many ways that I can not put into words.

You will just have to trust me that way I trusted Peggy.

For that hour and 30 minutes, I regained my calmness, my sense of self and my independence.

I regained my sanity.


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