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So many choices…. December 3, 2007

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I have fallen into the baby leg warmer craze, especially now having a daughter, they are cute for boys too. But, with all the different brands of baby leg warmers out there, how do you know what brand to buy, or what’s the difference. Well, I explored 3 brands of baby leg warmers, Huggalugs, Baby Legs and Crawler Covers.

First let me say, I liked all 3 brands. The most inexpensive was the Crawlers Covers at $9 a pair you really get a nice quality product.

I ordered them from Etsy.com (a website devoted to buying and selling homemade items) and received free shipping. The nice thing about the leg warmers besides the great price, the cute designs (she has a lot of selections), I felt, was the fact that I was buying them from a work-at-home mom, so I knew they were made with care, with kids in mind (she is a mother of two) and made in the US.

The other pairs, from Huggalugs and Baby legs, I ordered from Snazzy Tots. They cost $12 per pair (still not bad) and they had a promotion for free shipping. I received these rather quickly. I ordered them on a Wednesday and received them on Monday. Both brand have very cute designs. I ordered the

(baby legs, rainbow design)

and the Huggalugs Fairy Floss

The Huggalugs are made in Australia. And the Baby legs are made in China. I loved both products, the baby legs were a little softer than the Huggalugs and if you are looking for a company with a cause Baby legs does a lot to promote AIDS awareness and suffering in Africa (they are holding an online auction on ebay). If you order direct from their website, they even have a space for you to make a donation in the amount of your choice to the Sanya Babies Home in Uganda. It’s nice to see companies give back.

When it comes down to it, they all have nice products! I guess it depends on what matters most to you just the product, or what’s behind the product that counts!

It’s nice to be able to get both!


(My daughter Sophia in the Crawler Covers)


One Response to “So many choices….”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Thank you so much for the kind praise!! Your daughter looks absolutely adorable in the Crawler Covers!

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