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Holiday cookies with a twist… November 30, 2007

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I thought this was funny, only because I am the culprit of the ABC cookie. Yes, I hate to admit (having a lot of those today),I usually don’t fully eat a cookie at one sitting (with kids, who can?), I’ll eat the cookie in sections.

Anyway, on Perpetual kid. I found a cookies cutter that (takes the fun of it for some of us) makes an ABC cookie, an Already Been Chewed Cookie. ABC Cookie Cutters

At least my cookie is left untouched, and Perpetual Kid would have to agree, explaining, “Watch as your friends leave them behind on the tray. The Gingerbread set includes 3 designs-one missing a head, one missing a leg and one missing an arm(ouch!). Their loss is your gain.”

Gotta love it!


One Response to “Holiday cookies with a twist…”

  1. Karen Says:

    I’m loving that cookie cutter! My kids would think it hysterical, and if I left a cookie out on the counter they’d surely not eat it. Germs and all that…

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