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What sleep? (ode to teething part II)….. November 29, 2007

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You tricked us Teething

disappearing, and letting us get some sleep

But now you’re back and with a vengeance.

We say to you as we weep ….

Oh sleep, Oh sleep,

Please come to me,

my little angel has been teething

and waking at 1,2 and 3.

I wish she would sleep

and silence this house.

her moaning and groaning

is keeping us all up and about

we tried Tylenol and Orajel

(and by the look on her face,

I am sure she

thinks it tastes like hell)

Nothing works for more than an hour or so

please teeth come through

and give our baby some rest

and us get some sleep

so are days will be happier

and our nights without a peep.

If anyone out there has some good teething remedies,

don’t hesitate to chime in,

you’ll help us tremendously

and put on my face

a big grin.


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