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A little Remedy here, A little Remedy there…. November 29, 2007

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Well, I scoured the internet on teething remedies and came up with some obvious and some I had never heard of before. I don’t know if I am brave enough to try them, although, they are all-natural remedies( maybe I’ll try a itsy-bitsy dab of the vanilla extract), but I will share them. I did find one that had something to do with belladonna. That didn’t seem right to me and maybe it is, but I was watching CSI or one of those shows and that was the ingredient involved in a crime scene investigation, so that one I didn’t even post.

1. Calm down, if you are stressed and ridden with anxiety your baby will be too. (no really?)

Parenttime.com suggests all natural remedies, such as

2. Pure vanilla Extract. Rub the gums with a dab of pure vanilla extract. The alcohol will create a warm sensation that is temporarily comforting. Vanilla is known as a soothing agent.

3. Clove Oil. Clove oil contains oils that are warming and numbing properties. But watch out they said, too much can upset a babies stomach.

These don’t seem so bad. My mom swears my grandma used the clove oil on their gums when she was a baby. (I have never used these ingredients, nor am I promoting the use of them, but I would call a doctor before using any of them)

I can’t believe I found this one. It was by babytipsonline.com

4. Chicken Bone. Yes, a chicken bone, like you might give your dog. They even cautioned, watch for slivers. I don’t think that is a good idea.

5. I am going to share one I got from my doctors. It wasn’t for teething, it was for colic. But I think it could calm the baby down. My son had a bit of colic for the first couple months of his life and what really helped, suggested by one of doctor’s at my office (not my regular doctor) was Chamomile Tea. He suggested to brew the tea and give him 4 oz (2 oz tea and 2 oz water) once or twice a day. We did this just once a day, during his colicky period and it helped. So I am thinking that at night when Sophia is all worked up from the teething pain, this might help to calm her a bit.

I know teething doesn’t last forever and is over faster than you can really think about remembering it, not that we would want to. But when you are in the trenches, you are in the trenches, all I can ever do is stay calm (and scream on the inside), but stay calm because when you think about it, if all we really have to deal with is teething pain, it ain’t so bad!


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