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The “PBS” Generation November 28, 2007

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I grew up on The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street, the PBS generation.

The first episodes of Sesame Street are being released to DVD. But wait, don’t run out to buy them for your kids, because they are recommended for adults only!

Supposedly, Oscar the Grouch is too grumpy, Snuffleupagus was not “real” he was Big Bird’s imaginary friend and Cookie Monster eats too many cookies and no vegetables.

Are they Kidding? or just too uptight?

It’s the recent generations that have serious attitude problems and are overweight and I doubt that Sesame Street is to blame.

I’m not grumpy, well, sometimes but believe me, that has nothing to do with our “green” friend. I don’t eat too many cookies now, nor did I when I was a child, simply because my parents didn’t give them to me. And my sister was the one with the imaginary friend and I am pretty sure she grew out of that.

We watched Sesame Street because we could relate. Not just to Oscar: everyone is grumpy sometimes, or the Cookie Monster: we all know you can’t eat all those cookies (as my son would say, “silly cookie monster”) or Big Bird: Snuffleupagus was fake and we knew it but he was cool.

We could relate to the message, and the beautiful and colorful array of characters that touched their screens and showed us it was okay to be different.


7 Responses to “The “PBS” Generation”

  1. Emma Says:

    your total right, sesame street reached out and touched our hearts. How can anyone say kids are grumpy because of oscar or fat because of the cookie monster.

  2. stacy Says:

    sesama st brings back such good and awsomse childhood memeries but sesame is such a good show it’s the BEST SHOW EVA. I LOVE COOKIE MONSTER

  3. OSCAR IS ME Says:

    SO TRUE.
    im oscar the grouch MOSTLY lol because i do get grumpy easily and I HATE christmas.
    But if i was another charecter id be groover becaiuse I FOLLOW MY DREAMS.
    i love seasme STREET

    lol love U OSCAR!

  4. OSCAR IS ME Says:

    I LOOVE OSCAR seriously i hate it hwne people tease him because hes adoreable. AND ill always be him. I ADORE HIM and slimy is like my cat I ONLY LOve HER.


  5. OSCAR IS ME Says:


  6. Alexis Oreo Says:

    Cookie Monster is a good person and just because a few characters may not be the best role models its called jokinh around. but its ok

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