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Choo Choo Muffins November 27, 2007

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I don’t know how my mom finds this stuff, but check them out, Cast Iron Train Muffin Pans.

Now your little Thomas the Train lover can have pancakes and muffins shaped like his favorite blue engine. (My son will absolutely love these and be disappointed every food does not go in them.)

At just $5.95, how can you resist these muffin pans form Terry’s Village. (They also come in Gingerbread and Snowmen shapes, perfect for the holidays.)

As the catalog states, and I sure will show true, ” it turns out cute little locomotives and train cars that your little ones will gobble up”.

Now, if I could just get them to eat their veggies!!


One Response to “Choo Choo Muffins”

  1. I bet it would be nasty but maybe you can bake your veggies to look like trains now? Holden and I made some zucchini chocolate muffins and I pretended those were vegetables for a little while…

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