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Elf on the Shelf November 25, 2007

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During one of my guilty pastimes (checking out the website, I’m Not Obsessed), I came across this really cute idea for the holidays, Elf on the Shelf.

Elf on the Shelf, was created by a very creative mother, as a way of keeping her kids behavior in check on the holidays. The “Elf” would take his post at different locations around the house, watch the kids behavior and report back to Santa each night.

What a super cute idea!

Even cuter, on the website you can register your Elf’s name, play North Pole fun and games and receive a special letter from Santa.

And if Jennifer Garner likes it, it has to work right?

(photo from Imnotobsessed.com)

If only it were that easy! I’ll try anything!

Pssst! Also a great gift idea


One Response to “Elf on the Shelf”

  1. sissy Says:

    So very sad to see this book everywhere. I have asked all my friends not to buy it. I know the woman who wrote the original story over forty years ago and when she lived next door to the woman who says she wrote the book she even gave the elf as a gift to the so called authors children for their first Christmas. The first year it came out I told my friend that i saw this on the internet,she said, oh I’m sure my friend would not do that. She checked, there it was, it broke her heart. After being sad she got mad and called a lawyer. She was told the story was in different format than her story so it was not a infringement case. The story is exactly the same,she just put it in poetry form. The copyright laws should be more protective of artists rights.

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