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What I am thankful for (the 2 year old way) November 18, 2007

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With thanksgiving on tapping at my heels, I like to think about what I am thankful for which I will share later.

But, I was thinking, if my 2 year old could make a list, what would be on the list of his top 10.

Can I get into the mind of a 2 year old? (Do I really want to?)

Let’s see.

10. Sand boxes.( I lay in it, I swim in it, I bathe in it.)

9. Slides. The bigger the better.

8. Bathtime. (bubbles and water, a great combination)

7. My crazy Grandma, who had more energy than kids my age.

6. Nemo, big bear and doggy (they keep me company at night)

5. Licking the icing off cupcakes, the ketsup off french fries and the peanut butter off my sandwich.

4. Rain puddles (need I say more)

3. Big piles of dirt.(just like the sand, I swim in it, I bathe in it and bask in it’s glory)

2. Mommy, Daddy and Sophia

1. Thomas the Train (I know mommy should be number one, but he’s 2 and Thomas the train trumps everyone)

How about your kids?


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