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Wee Block November 17, 2007

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My younger sister is pregnant with her first, boy or girl we have yet to find out.

I am sure we will find out because we are not too good at keeping secrets or waiting for surprises.

Anyway, so, that got me thinking about the one thing I wish I had when I had my first, George.

And believe it or not my mind comes to one thing,

The Weeblock. It is a wee-wee absorbing sponge to block that unexpected spray when changing boys diapers. I never had that problem with Sophia. Of course, not the spray, but she never even leaked a surprising stream when I was in the middle of changing her diaper (expect once to my husband the first time he changed her diaper in the hospital).

On the other hand, the minute we took off my son’s diaper, it was like a his cue to begin target practice. We had soooo many unexpected wetting, not just on his clothes, but ours.

It may have been that we were too slow, or what baby likes to go in a wet diaper.

I’m just curious if it comes in toddler size.


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