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Ode to teething November 17, 2007

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Teething rings are not a thing.

I’d rather have a box

or my mommy’s engagement ring.

George’s cars and trucks will do,

I even love the laces on my daddies shoe.

Drool and spit will tell you where I’ve been

a wet path marks the spot and claims my toys with a big grin.

If it’s on the floor, Watch out!

it’s mine,

a leaf, old cheerios, and cat hair are divine.

I scream, I shout,

just give me something to please this bout.

I need to chew, I need to gnaw,

your finger will do or the cat’s paw.

Don’t worry mommy

it’ll will be over soon

then I’ll be chewing on crayons, sand and

that big red balloon.

(dedicated to out beautiful daughter Sophia, who has 5 teeth and many more on the way)


One Response to “Ode to teething”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    love it! i too have a teething little one. he’s 10 months and the first tooth is just breaking through. we are in for it!

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