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Firsts November 15, 2007

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My 9 month old pulls to a stand and cruises furniture, but yesterday she started something new, she pulls to a stand, backs away from whatever she is holding onto and stands for a little while (unassisted) before dropping to a sit.

After my son started this, he started taking his first steps and walking (about 10 months).

Goodbye to the days of immobility.

The days you could leave your baby on the blanket, in the middle of the floor with some toys, do chores around them, knowing they wouldn’t go anywhere.

Hello to the days chaos (as if it wasn’t here already).

The days where one runs off in one direction, the other in the other direction and you have to decide whom you chase first!

My husband goes way past that. He saw the ultrasound about a year ago (or so) and literally turned gray. Immediately he thought about boys,make-up, and prom. So her steps will just get her closer to that first date that he is so ever dreading.


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