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What type of Mom are you? November 13, 2007

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I was just on this website called Kaboose, heard of it?

It was my first time coming across it and I found a somewhat amusing article, What type of Mom are you? by Jade Mann . She takes a humorous look at 7 types of moms: The Self-Absorbed mom, The Inquisitor, The Chimer-Inner, The Depressor, The Exaggerator, The Comparer, and the Scatterbrain.

But is it so humorous if you find yourself in the mix?

I think we are all a little bit of some of those (if you don’t believe so just play along).

I am sure my husband would be “excited” to find out that I was looking at another list or quiz about being a mom or being a woman. He can always tell when I have been watching Oprah.

Is that a bad thing?

If it weren’t for Oprah, Dr. Oz wouldn’t be able to help me with my “owners manual”.

My husband watched Oprah one day when Dr. Oz was on (if you ask him if this is true he’ll deny, deny, deny) and wondered why Dr. Oz is always in his scrubs.

I thought it was obvious, he’s a doctor. Duh!

But my husband rebutted, he’s not in the hospital, he’s on national TV with his scrubs on and a beeper attached to his hip.

So he had a point, but I think this was just to distract from the fact that he was watching Oprah, if you recall, my husband is a male nurse, so he deals with those doctor, surgeon types all day long.

Anyway, to get back to what I originally wanted to talk about. Types of moms. Honestly, I think I have found myself a different mom in all types of situations.

If I am running late to drop George off at preschool because I overslept, I was feeding the baby and she tipped her bowl off the high chair table and onto my clean pair of pants, or George decided to take a “nice one” just when everyone was ready to go, you bet I am The Scatterbrain.

Some days, I may seem like The Inquisitor only because I was talking to the Chimer-Inner and The Depresssor, obviously getting a completely skewed mess of information that made my head spin and I began to question my own parenting skills, then I became The Depressor.

I have become The Exaggerator only when talking to The Comparer to get her to shut up. But that is the best time to seek out The Self absorbed Mom and introduce her to The Comparer.

Most of the time, I am really just doing my best trying to get by and not mess up my kids. Sometimes I seem to be a complete mess because getting through the day with out any major injuries is a good one. I wake up armed with diapers, band-aids, kisses, hugs and the ability to “fix” anything (or suggest daddy can fix it) I ask questions, because, really, I want to talk to adults. I listen because it’s nice not to do the talking sometimes. I may compare and not mean to, but I don’t judge and I’m definetly not perfect. All though it is hard, crazy and downright wrong sometimes, I love being a mom. I love being there for my beautiful and sometimes crazy shot out kids.

I just call myself Mom.


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