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Shirts with Sass November 12, 2007

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It seems that since I have had a baby girl, I am constantly looking for new clothes. (Especially something that’s not pink with lace)

Don’t get me wrong,I love all the pink, bows and lace, but you can only take so much.

I stumbled across this great website called Ella Bee Baby. The creator calls her items “whimsical, unique and simply adorable”, and I’d have to agree. They carry a large selection of items for babies, toddlers, twins and big kids.

My favorites are “Bow to the Princess”,

Great for any little girl because we all have a little princess in us!

And “Eat my dust”

for your hard core son!

They even have shirts ready to “tickle your bells” for the ever so rapidly approaching holiday season.

Even though they may not be able to read them yet, you’ll definetly give some parents a good laugh and your little one will be the center of attention at the playground.(As if they needed more!)


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