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I can’t believe I said that November 7, 2007

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Really! I can’t believe I said that, in a complete moment of pure frustration.

George was having his I don’t want to eat dinner day.

So, instead of just giving me the plate or telling me he was all done, a move that would be completely too rational for a 2 year old, he lifted his plate with great pride and dumped it on his crawling sister, and onto the carpet.

The contents of the plate, making an everlasting impression, marking the spot (it contained corn, no biggie, and, get this pasta with pasta sauce).

I quickly moved Sophia out of the way, already busy with a handful of corn, making it’s way to her mouth, and attempted clean up. Here comes the mistake, muttering under my breathe, “I could just kill you”. Of course, I wouldn’t really do that, and I didn’t even think he heard me, big mistake nothing gets by a 2 year old.

So that was a couple days ago.

Flash to yesterday morning, on our way out the door to preschool and Sophia picks up one of Georges little cars (the ones with the little wheels, choking hazard), and makes a b-line for her mouth.

I sputter, “No, Sophia.”

She laughs.

George warns, “mommy kill you.”

Ugh! He said what? Then I have to explain, I would never do that, I should never say that.

Mommy is bad.

Imagine if he said that in public, or at school. UGH

The things we say.

The things, they won’t say.

The things they repeat!