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HOOK ‘EM HORNS November 2, 2007

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I am a die-hard Texas fan. I graduated from the University of Texas and I was an athlete. I bleed Orange! So, no matter what happens..if they win, lose or give me a heart attack trying, I stand proud, and hope they win every game (whether or not they win is another story, but still). GO TEXAS FIGHT!



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I am soooo in love with my kids, but the more Sophia is moving around, the more I am playing referee.

“Don’t touch that”

“Don’t sit on your sister.”

“Those are her toys, you have your own.”

“If you don’t want her to touch your drink, please put it on the table.”

It is funny. Though I need a whistle and a striped shirt.

“Foul play near the train table.”

“That push was play interference.”

“No, face mask, she is half your size.”

I wish I had a camera, for this moment, but Sophia, loves to crawl after George’s plate. You would swear I am starving her. I was at the computer and I thought I put his breakfast, safely up on the table (kid size table). I forget now that she pulls to a stand and cruises, not much is out of her reach. Anyway, I turn around and she has a fork with scrambled eggs in one hand and a piece of toast in the other, mouth open, ready to take a big bite! Kodak moment.