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Learning to exhale October 22, 2007

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Whomever said that the biggest adjustment to preschool was for the child was sorely mistaken! My son, George, has been going now for almost 2 months and I am still adjusting. George on the other hand is doing great. He no longer cries. I practically have to keep him from running up the steps to the school in excitement. He walks in the classroom, puts his bag with the others and joins in on story time or sits in the circle or whatever else is going on at that time. He forgets to say bye to mommy, give me a kiss, or even acknowledge the fact that I am leaving. I guess I should be happy! And don’t get me wrong, I am glad he loves it. I couldn’t deal with the latter. But on the other hand, I still get queasy on the mornings I have to drop him off at school. I think about how he is doing the whole time he is there and wonder what is going on, is he paying attention, is he being good, are they being good to him, is he making friends, is he getting bullied…etc, etc, etc. I know he is in good hands! I also know it is okay to worry, but I think this is all a lesson on letting go, just a little. Trusting in the experience and my son’s capability to handle it. I know that he has a good time. He is smiling when I pick him up and the teachers say positive things.

Oh and I have the kid that looks like a tornado just ransacked the building when you pick him up. I drop him off clean, smelling good and somewhat neat (I say somewhat because sometimes you just can’t help what happens on a simple walk from the house to the car, or for the matter the car to the school). Anyway, I drop him off clean and I pick him up after what happens to be playtime and he has sand in his hair, ears, and every other little crevice you can think of. (Let me remind you it is only 2 1/2 hours.) And as the teacher proceeds to tell me what they did for a project, I can see it all over his shirt, lucky the paint is washable!


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