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Hello out there! October 21, 2007

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George and SophiaThis is my first blog. I call myself swim mom because once a swimmer, always a swimmer. You swimmers out there will understand, or anyone who has loved a sport, hobby or whatever, it is hard to give it up. Anyway, I am Danielle, a mother of 2: George, 2 1/2 and Sophia, 8 months. And I just wanted to share the journey, or more fitting, adventure this this thing called “motherhood” takes me one everyday. I’ll share kids firsts, everything, places we go, things we do, temper tantrums and those moments when I seriously wonder what I have gotten myself into. Yes! Those moments. I’ll share things I find on the web, nic-nacs, that makes motherhood easier, or our kids quieter and cuter! I hope that you will chime in and comment.

Anyway, to start things off, isn’t it funny how you can get so mad at your kids and then in that moment of chaos and anger they look at you or smile or say something endearing, possibly because they know how to get at you, even at such a young age, but they look at you and then your heart just melts and there is no way you could be angry anymore.

I remember when my husband and I first started discipling our 2 year old. My husband would be really serious and have a serious look on his face, trying to tell George not to do something. And I would be in the corner, hiding my face laughing, I couldn’t help it. At that age their “bad” is kinda funny! I am sure I dug myself a hole in the discipline department. I am not good at it. I tried to be nice and pleasant, but that didn’t work and now, i try to be stern! I don’t think that works either.

One thing that did work, I read somewhere to use simple sentences. For instances don’t explain to a 2 year old why they can’t or shouldn’t do something in long sentences. You should just say, “No! Don’t touch, hot!” Something like that instead of “Don’t touch the stove, it is hot and you will burn your hands.” I used to give long explanations and I honestly think, half way through either he didn’t get it or just wasn’t interested and in his 2 year old way on to the next thing. So the short sentences thing worked.

Any Advice?


2 Responses to “Hello out there!”

  1. Dannette Says:


    You sound like you really enjoy being a mother. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. Motherhood is not easy, it comes from the heart..lots of patience and repeating.

    I love your stories about your beautiful children and husband…keep ‘um coming

  2. whymommy Says:

    Know what I’ve heard? A preschooler has a hard time processing “don’t.” So why not phrase it as “do” instead? If you need him to stay away from the hot stove, suggest another activity quickly instead. If he’s running at the pool, tell him “walk, don’t run” as opposed to “don’t run!” I believe the theory goes that it takes them longer to process a “don’t” command and come up with something to do instead … so why not just help them think of something to do instead?

    Love your perspective — it’s nice to meet you!

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